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Art & Culture

In the East of Slovakia there are many cultural and art activities.

  • Because Košice is the European capital of culture this year (2013) there are extra many activities and performances
  • Theatre Kosice (depending on Theatre program)
  • Andy Warhol museum
  • Museum of Eastern Slovakia in Kosice
  • Various performances of rural and worldly ( dance & music) groups in the region
  • Observatory in Medzev and Kosice
  • Churches  Vysny + Nizny Medzev *
  • Technical Museum Hamor *
  • Old traditionae Hamor (with beautiful wrought iron souvenirs) *
  • Schuster (old-president) museum in Medzev *
  • Farming (typical old principle cows farm) in Medzev *
  • Aluminium Foundry  in Moldava *
  • Wood-veneer  in Moldava*
* In consultation, to book with us