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Medzev and surroundings

Through the location in the Bodva valley with at both sides a total different mountains you can raise your heart at the very various nature.  Because of this there are also many fascinating day/walking tours, possible under accompaniment of a guide to make.  You can directly walk into the mountains and woods.  The real untouched nature in.  This can on many manners.  To foot or with special bicycles or other possible environment-kindly vehicles. 

In the direct surroundings, there are paired also various action sport as para-sailing and gliding, ultralight fly and climb mountain side to practice.
Also for groups very interesting!  See for more detail information 'see and do'!. 

Location of SoKoL: 
SoKoL lies at the edge of the "Slovak Ore-mountains" (Volovske Vrchy).  This mountains goes finally over in the National Park "Slowaaks paradise" (Slovenky Ray).  At the other side of the valley lies the National Park  Slovenky Kras.  This NP has been exclaimed by the UNESCO in 2002 till "World Nature Inheritance".  All seasons of the year are very beutifull, their own natural charms know that.  From SoKoL, you enter immediately the mountains and woods.  These woods offer you many honest surprises.  The local population gets yet many foods from these sizable woods.  This varies from mushrooms till very various fruits, herbs, tea etc.  You can meet the necessary animals on your walkingtours in the vast woods yet against the body.  It are indicated sometimes even tracks of brown bears!  That is level nature!  For a detail card which we precisely sit click here.

In the summer (and sometimes, dependent on the weather) in the furrow and afterseason, one can have also swim in the local outside pool.  This has also a regional position.  There is 1 (asphalt) tennis court present slanting opposite us behind the city hall.  In the town under on stone throw distance of the open air pool there is a gravelcourt. Both with us to reserve.  Football has here classroom, next to ijshockey (slovakia was more times world champion), also a fervent following. 

Sterrenwacht Despite the small size of the town (approximately 2700 inhabitants), it has a stars watch.  The stars watch can, if wanted, to become after boeking with us. 
Can be observed there much more as in western countries by the dark nights.


In Vysny Medzev is a traditional conehall present. This can be reserved these with  us, is something definitely necessary. 

                                                                 Worth knowing:Jasov-grot jasov_02

There are caverns that a visit (under accompaniment which we for you can regulate, when you clear away of too in front reserved!) certain landlord are. 

In Jasov (7 km) can them to me you the druipgrotten visit them to me, which on the UNESCO World Nature Inheritance have been placed, just as the territory in which (Slovensky Kras), and an unique historical building with beautiful gardens what present service does as home.

You can make there also brilliant walks to the top of the mountain above the caves and the beginning (or end) of the Slovensky Kras, with the lake as point of departure.  We have more than 60 (day) walk-routes available in the Slovensky Kras, ask us about it when you have interest for that. 

Also you can let spoil reserved self once well in the thermal cure place in Stoss after this with us to have!                                                                                    

Roznava is a particular city that also a part is of 1 of our many daytrip possibilities. 

In the vicinity is also Krasna Horka, a complete reconstructed and authentic organized Castle, Mausoleum and caves. 
Also castle Betliar is a visit certain landlord. 

You can find several caves in this area as well.


A visit at the near occasion 2e city of Slowakije is more than the trouble landlord. 

Kosice is a monumental city (Hanse town) with sore much worth seeing buildings and a complete in authentic style repaired cities heart.  A with nature stone plaid center, with a water organ and light show which (meanwhile it do not freezes) is free to visit.Furthermore you find the large St.  Elizabeth church and the glittering concert hall with adjoining theater at the other side.  The cultural performances stand on a high level and be kindly praised.  Kosice is the cultural capital of slovakia and not as mostly customary is the capital of a country, in this case Bratislava

Kosice has a (inter) national airport from where you can fly from Amsterdam or Frankfurt via Bratislava or Praha.  Also by the posting of a (more cheaply) plane ticket, you can have contact with us! 

PS:  Through us examined becomes what the possibilities are to start also in Medzev a bear-wood.  For that also the region and various ministries in Bratislava and other local parties are concerned with it.