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Eating and Drinking

We have our own local specialty restaurant.

Here you can enjoy a freshly prepared delicious 3 course menu. You can, of course, go for an breakfast or lunch. It is also possible that we provide a packed lunch for you to take with you when Hiking.
At the camp site is a fireplace present which you can use in consultation jointly or individually.
We organize from time to time a specialties menu on this campfire with the so called Medzev pans. UNIQUE!
This is only in Medzev from the history of the former mines and in forestry.


  • Every day (except on Sundays) freshly prepared delicious 3 course menu. Cooking as cooking is supposed to happen our customers have said! 
  • Own produced wine tasting
  • Own produced fruit juice tasting
  • Own spirits-this is in a local distileerderij distilled by our own most of apples and plums
  • Many local white and red wines and from dry to sweet
  • Mushrooms from the surrounding fields and Woods. We will teach you search and prepare the found mushrooms like in a special daily menu for you!
  • Herbs from the surrounding fields and forest. We will teach you what there are and to which they can be used 
  • There are also 2 more restaurants in the village and there are several good and nice restaurants within 15-30 minutes drive